Ventoo 2.5.0

Ventoo 2.5.0

18 May 2016

Graphs, heart rate zones, translations and more!

A new version 2.5.0 is available:

  • Pebble: add graphs in top field (altitude, ascent, heart rate or speed)
  • Pebble: data screens share the same template
  • Add heart rate zones + alarms
    • 5 zones: Very Light, Light, Moderate, Hard, Maximum
    • configure max heart rate in the android settings
    • background color changes with HR zone (middle screen only)
    • cumulative time in each zone
  • Pebble: add german (thanks Hanspeter Jochmann), spanish (thanks ZoretMan) and french
  • Pebble topbar: now configurable + bigger font
  • [Pebble Time and Round only] add steps and steps cadence (data from Pebble Health)
  • Other bugfixes (max speed, reset data, initial values)
Tags: stable v2.5
  • Comment by Aires 19/05/2016 at 17:05
    Is the best software.
  • Comment by Michael 30/05/2016 at 11:20
    Woooo ! Very good job Guys ! Keep going on, for sure it's the best cycling app for Pebble.
    Thanks a lot for this great job.
  • Comment by georgielove 03/06/2016 at 14:25
    Hi there,

    Since some versions ago I am experimenting this problem:
    The distance i get running or cycling is always something more (e.g. about 200 m in 13 km) than the exported gpx to endomondo, strava, runkeeper, wikiloc etc...and others related sites, maybe does the app need some adjustment about calculating distances?