UI Refresh

UI Refresh

28 August 2013

When we started pebble bike it was just a bit of an experiment, we thought why is there not a simple bike app for the pebble, why is it taking run keeper and strava so long, surely building an app can't be that hard.

So we did and pebble bike was born, initially we battled the new Google location API's and had alot of bug squashing to do but eventually things smoothed out and the app started to take shape.  We added features like the awesome live tracking, even found time to add Metric measurement units which was pretty useful for Jay since he lives in France.

But then we looked at it and thought, you know it might function great but it does look rather ugly, so we changed it, now version 1.3 is no longer ugly, it even has a fancy altitude graph so when you are riding up those mountains like the great Eddy Merckx you can see the profile of your ride.

This is just the beginning, version 1.4 is going to have some great stuff, we are working on improving the auto start features and are looking at exports and integration with Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo.

Hope you like it,


Nic and Jay

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