Pebble Bike 1.4

Pebble Bike 1.4

10 March 2014

Version 1.4 brings Bluetooth LE Heart Rate Monitor, pressure sensor for altitude and few other improvements

After several months of developments and tests, the final version 1.4.0 is available.

WHAT'S NEW v1.4.0:

  • Bluetooth Smart (BLE) Heart Rate Monitor (classic bluetooth HRM are not supported)
  • If available, use pressure sensor to improve altitude accuracy (Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Nexus S, Nexus 4, Nexus 5...)
  • Display altitude above sea level (instead of WGS84)
  • OruxMaps: option to start it when Pebble Bike starts
  • Pebble: Bluetooth state
  • Pebble: display phone & watch battery levels in menu
  • Notification when a new watchface is available
  • Improved communication to avoid bluetooth errors and pebble disconnections

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  • Comment by MattB 13/05/2014 at 01:13
    I've just picked up a mio link bt HR monitor. Pebble bike doesn't find it during the scan.
    I'm able to get it to work in endomondo and the miolink app.

    Any tips? I'm using a Xiaomi Mi2 with cyanogenmod, one of the 4.4 versions.
  • Comment by Jay 14/05/2014 at 18:35
    Mio link seems to be a true Bluetooth Smart HRM (and also ant+), so it's strange it's not recognize by Pebble Bike.

    Could you please test ?
    The main difference is that I don't restrict the bluetooth discovery to HRM devices in this test version.
  • Comment by JeffC 21/06/2014 at 08:16
    Hi Jay,

    First I want to say that I love the app.

    I recently bought a Runtastic BLE Heart Rate Monitor. Shockingly the Runtastic app does not find it. So I figured I'd check and see if PebbleBike would. Upon scanning it also came up empty. For the sake of brevity I will just say that I tried a few other apps and they were able to read it just fine.

    I imagine that the runtastic app is just flat out screwed up for my phone, but that is neither here nor there. I decided I wanted to try and figure out why Pebble Bike wasn't seeing it. I quickly found this post, then downloaded and ran the linked app.

    It found the HRM instantly. The device reads RT-HRM. It connects and the data it reads is indeed the correct heart rate. I'm guessing you just have a filter in the app and my HRM is not in the approved list just yet. If you need any more information let me know. I will grab it for you.

    Also, any chance of incorporating support for a BLE cadence/speed sensor?


  • Comment by MattB 23/06/2014 at 04:03
    Hi Jay,
    I managed to get the mio link working. I didn't understand how the bt4 stuff worked and there was a conflict or 3. Thanks
  • Comment by Jay 30/06/2014 at 09:06
    New version 1.5 should support more BLE Heart Rate Monitor

    @JeffC: I've added the idea for BLE cadence sensor in my todo list.