Pebble Bike 1.2.0-beta1

06 July 2013

I've worked to add altitude functions to Pebble Bike and it's is now time to share a first beta version to you.

(The link is included in the android app, but if you need it, here is the pebble app: )

What's new:

  • multipages pebble app.
    Use the middle button to change current page.
    page 1: current speed, average speed and distance
    page 2: altitude, ascent, ascent rate and accuracy

  • foreground service
    Add a notification in the status bar and therefore prevents the app to be killed by android when low on memory

Known issues:

  •   altitude fields are now limited to 3 characters ("1040" m will appears as "104").

Things to be done:

  • add slope (already calculated, but not displayed)
  • imperial units (feet) for altitude data
  • other pages, graphics...

Please note that an altitude provided by a gps is generally less accurate than one obtained from a barometric altimeter (an accuracy of 5 meters for example generally means a precision of 15 meters on the altitude).
Bad conditions (for example forests, cliffs or buildings) will degrade accuracy and then possibilities to calculate data based on altitude.
I've done lots of filtering on data to calculate a (cumulative) ascent that means something. As a result, during my last ride (1600m of ascent), the difference with a barometric altimeter was less than 2%.
Ascent rate (and slope) is more sensible to accuracy and could appear bugged.

Please try this first beta version and give me feedbacks!


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