Navigation help

01 January 2016

Import a route

Load a GPX file containing a route to follow in the menu of the android app. The GPX file can be:

  • an export of a previous track
  • a track from a community website (Strava, Garmin, Map My Track...)
  • generated from Google Directions with the integrated "Online Planner" (in the settings of the Android app) 

Displays direction data on your Pebble

  1. Get directions on your Pebble, using the compass or the map

    The main arrow shows the direction to follow (arrow pointing to the top means "good direction")

    On Pebble Time and Pebble Round:

    • The arrow is green is the direction is correct, and red if it's wrong
    • The color of the circle changes to orange if you're too far from your path (50 meters)
    • The second arrow points to the North

  2. customize your screens to display navigation data: distance to next point, distance to destination, time to destination and time of arrival
    Time to destination and time of arrival are computed using the average speed of your last 2 minutes of ride.


Avoid routes with return path on the same path (after a half turn), the routing algorithm may have difficulties to keep on the right side of your track (you may "jump" to the return path)


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  • Comment by Johannes Köpf 06/09/2016 at 04:30
    Nice cool feature but how does it show the blue line on the map. Do I have to move for it to appear? I have just loaded the directions yet.